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Of course ! All tools are in your hand to manage and control your ad run and budget spend. You can start, stop, pause or cancel your ad any time. Also you can make your ad post more impressive in between ad serving time scale.
Deliver your ad across more than 200 million users with viral marketing. Integrated solution of sponsored campaign turns unrecognized market into recognized for your brand. The way of inter-personal relationship bring audience more closer with the attentive attitude in the crowd of million ads and increases possibilities of target audience engagement. The inter-personal relationship form a traffic bridge for target audience reach.
It is fully self-served advertising platform providing comprehensive and industry leading ad-serving and optimization technologies for online marketers and web publishers. Newly started in the beginning of 2019 by incorporating world class strategies of tremendous ad performance and marketing solutions on a global scale and rapidly became the leading traffic network. Adbaazaar unites publishers and advertisers through its Self-Serve platform and managed service into a complete marketing ecosystem. It's one of the biggest alternative traffic sources with more than 200 million audience reach and thousands of advertising campaigns launched daily, across desktop and mobile.
We believe in real time ad performance and regularly analyzing ad performance, CTR and engagement. We are unique on providing all best possible ways of network effect for true performance of advertisement. High network effect of engagement would give you high level of returns on investment. On the other hand we believe in seeking ways to increase your direct profit by "Pay Less & Get More" principles. Undoubtedly; we have gained our reputation in the industry for "Low costing-high CTR". Sometimes; you may feel like free ad campaign due to lowest and negligible cost effect. So keep in mind; we focus only on performance but not on cost. Now enjoy the new era of digital advertising trend with viral ad campaign.
It's a winning combination for profit making business for both AdTech platforms and Advertisers. Adbaazaar helps advertisers to explore AdTech companies with the comparison of ad performance and real time results such as Ad formats, Audience engagement, CTR range, Average CTR, Billing method, CTR & Budget spent ratio (Investment & performance ratio), CPC range and average CPC and much more as they have very unique and special featured solution to grow the ROI. On the other hand; AdTech platforms may become the preferred choice of corporate advertisers by representing their competitive strategies, solutions and what they have special on their website. It works like a E-marketplace for AdTech companies where they may offer their best to attract, connect and engage advertisers, publishers and media agencies.
All advertising platforms or ad exchanges that create, build or generate ad inventory and having their own distribution channel combining DSP & SSP are called AdTech platforms. For example; Google ads, Colombia, Facebook ads, Linkedin, Twitter, Adbaazaar, Talkfever, PropellerAds, Double Click, Commission Junction and thousands of other AdTech platforms.
Adcommerce or (Adcomm) is the one stop solution to find and choose the right platform for your ad campaigns to meet the desired goals. It help to advertisers in many ways as per their area of interest: 1. Find many AdTech platforms which are not heard about. 2. Compare ad performance results and audience targeting. 3. Understand Ad format, performance and cost effectiveness. 4. Get instant notification to grab the offer of opportunities from time to time 5. Many more updates.
Anyone person, firm, company with or without having any prior experience, knowledge or creative approach to the market segment and professional marketers, digital media companies, news agencies and media collection publishers and advertisers can become the ad agency to be the part of variety of campaigns as per their interest and gravity of opportunity.
Super monetization ad campaign is decentralized advertising process of video junction branding by using the third party platforms such as facebook, google, linkedin or others to reach up to the target audience by allowing the social community with profit sharing partnership.
Yes. Of course ! Super monetization is the ever growing opportunity to build your vibrant business of social interest with the talent partnership; without huge expenses on office set up, infrastructure, huge investment, knowledge, skill and experience. Need to know the purpose: 1. Super monetization is the new ways to every common person to go with current trend and become successful. 2. Super monetization is the revolutionary approach for employment generation and social balancing.
Super monetization is a promo campaign of video junction targeting video creators and influencers for connecting with key features. This campaign gives you (Ad agencies) an ultimate opportunity of lifetime partnership in the earning potential of all monetized channels. During the campaign period; you will also get paid per click and sign up of video creators. There is no minimum and maximum limit of earning potential. But it's is sure that earning potential may be beyond the expectation limits due to dual compensation policy of video junction. The extent of earning potential is proportionate to earning capabilities of influencers video channels. Take an example; Mr. Vivek (Imaginary name) earns INR. 300000 per month and you have 20 similar connection of creator (20 connection out of 40000 post reach) then total channel budget become INR 60 lakh and you get 10% then you earn INR. 600000 per month. Amazing; you can earn huge money without putting any endeavour or any creative knowledge, skill and talents. It means this campaign is based on community interest and creativeness and having capability to
Short terms campaigns are the time bound advertising products which are temporary and occasional opportunity to our ad agency partners. Please know the current profitable campaigns as follows: 1. Public Connect - Promo campaign of Video Junction 2. Chat Connect - Promo campaign of Chatfever 3. Lead Connect - Promo campaign of Talkfever 4. Adshare - Promo campaign of Video Junction 5. Boost - Promo campaign of Video Junction 6. Connect First - Promo campaign of "Easy Policy".
Of course ! Ad agencies can earn money with our variety of campaigns. We always work with the market trend and develop our campaigns to meet the specific goals of our partners and promoters. Therefore; variety of campaign are our innovative and continuous process to meet the desired goals with the current market trend.
Ad Viral format; typically, an algorithm process in which social community may participate in promotion of ad campaign to boost the reach and response by using their individual audience traffic channel such as network of friends and followers and organic traffic with kick start mobile marketing channel.
Very interesting format for your ad campaign to improve the ad performance in terms of budget saving with highest CTR, High level of audience engagement and success ratio with return on investment. The Model: Relationship marketing is a decentralize channel of audience traffic sourcing by using personal network of social media professionals, promoters and influencers. It's very common phenomina that personal network of a person build with the status, recognition, personal values, quality presentation and many influencing factors which build inter person relationship with likes and dislikes. The Impact: Ad performance is based on various factors such as target audience reach, ad content, brand popularity, social interest, clicks and engagement. As per our dynamic strategies; we think ad performance can only be improved with one key factor that is social interest for not only a click but also for high level of attention on ad content and concentration on web content of the advertisers. Therefore; we are using the network of influencers with the offer of opportunity to become the profit partner and our campaign become the powerful tool to convert market place from unrecognized to recognized or conversion of secondary market into primary market. Finally; tremendous ad performance is expected.
Any person on talkfever who want to make money with corporate ad campaigns on social media platform but earning potential will be different for person to person depending on following audience traffic generation source: 1. Your friend network on talkfever 2. Your followers network on talkfever 3. Your lead network on talkfever 4. Your account status on talkfever (Category of premium account) 5. Your kick start campaign on talkfever
Adcommerce is nothing to understand specially. It is similar to e-commerce and representing focused advertising industry with advertisers choice for best offering and featured services by the AdTech platforms.

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