You are protected

Our all-around ad fraud detection & prevention systems effectively identify malicious activities and eliminate the threats so only real people can see and interact with your ads.

We can prevent and block almost any type of fraud: bots and fraudsters either cannot see and click the ad in general, or the system automatically cancels this impression, click or conversion.

How we beat ad fraud

Responding to a challenge like a fraud with a dimensionless approach is a sure-fire way to failure, as well as focusing solely on certain fraud types.

Over the years, we have developed an integrated approach to fraud detection, combining multiple techniques: constant monitoring, behavioral modeling, risk assessment, machine learning.

Fraud prevention in numbers


fraudulent requests eliminated


bot impressions blocked


fake clicks filtered out

Complete anti-ad fraud coverage

Feel secure with complete anti-ad fraud coverage

Every Device

Our system detects fraud no matter what device you are targeting. We are continually researching the patterns typical to various devices.

Every Ad Format

No blind spots: our proprietary technology allows to identify suspicious activities regardless of the ad format.

Every GEO

We are familiar with the strategies fraudsters around the globe use, and we have developed security solutions to detect their schemes.

How can you benefit from clean traffic?

Your money is spent on REAL impressions

Your budget doesn’t go bust, because with anti-fraud protection the cash is allocated strictly based on your targeting. Only real people will see your ads.

Transparent analytics & higher CTR

You see clear trends without spoofed statistics. The CTR is higher and reflects the actual visitors’ interest because bot impressions are eliminated.

Better campaign performance & planning

Use clean stats to evaluate your ad campaign performance against benchmarks and KPIs. Allocate the budget to campaigns that drive action.

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